LogoFullHDThe videoraces presented in this section have a quality very close to FullHD. The 1920x1080 resolution alone is not sufficient to classify a video clip as FullHD, it is also necessary that the movie has a very high bitrate. Leaving aside the technicalities, we can roughly understand the quality of the movie simply calculating how many gigabytes takes per an hour. In our videos this value is close to or exceeds 6 GB / h. This value allows you to get movies compatible with the cycletrainer, minimizing artifacts (defects) due to compression.

To better appreciate the quality of these videoraces we suggest to connect your PC to a FullHD monitor, projector or TV.

Users of Tacx systems simply have to use a computer that meets the manufacturer's recommendations.

To Elite users we recommend a PC with these minimum requirements:

Processor: Pentium IV 2.4 GHz @
Memory: 512 MB
Hard disc: 7200rpm
Graphics Card: 32MB

To create the rxvp I use my own software, I do not think there are useful for this purpose on the web. However, if you are able to send a video FullHD and a track recorded with a GPS receiver barometric (like Garmin Edge), I can evaluate the flatter ride.

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