Elite systems

The Elite videorace consist of 2 files, an AVI movie and the database of the race with the extension rxvp.
The two files should be placed in the installation folder Elite software, videos subfolder. (The proposal for the program installation folder Elite is C: \ Program Files \ Elite \ RealAxiom or Realpower or Realtour \ Videos)

If you go down the external hard drive, create a folder name you want where to place rxvp files and movies.


How to load a videorace in the Elite Real software



Load a videorace (previous software)

The instructions refer to Realpower but the procedure is the same for Realtour and Realaxiom

1) Copy the files and AVI movie rxvp in the installation folder, subfolder Videos (normally C: \ Program Files \ Elite \ Realpower (or Realtour or Realaxiom) \ videos.


2) Run Realpower


3) From the File menu choose the Load a video race command.
Select the file by searching the rxvp file in the folder as view at step1.
Click the Open button.


4) The videorace is so loaded, it's up to you!

Note: If you chose to use an external hard drive, place the AVI movie file rxvp in the same folder in step 3, select the file rxvp looking it up in this position.

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