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BikeLab is an official provider of the Virtual Training / Rouvy platform.
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Variante 1

To save space on the C: drive, copy the files to an external drive in the folder (AntrimCoast) with the xml file and the video file avi.

VR2 001

In Rouvy go to "Herunterladen / Download" and the green buttom "" search the folder with the xml and video file after open the xml file the screen change to the video file open this file and Start.

VR2 002

VR2 003

VR2 004

VR2 005


Variante 2

Create the video folder (f.ex.: AdminCoast) in the standard folder of Virtual Trainer Editor (C:\User\Documents\VirtualTraining\Routes) with the XML file, rename the file in track.xml.
In the subfolder copy the video file (AntrimCoast.AVI)

VR1 001

Now open the program "VirtualTraining Editor" go to "Lokale Routen / Local Routes" and "Bearbeiten / Edit" in the next screen "Video von der Datei einlesen / Read video from file" and "Strecke speichern / Save route"

VR1 002

VR1 003

Now open Rouvy go to "Editor Strecken / Editor routes" and start AntrimCoast

VR1 004


Installation video

Virtual Training (xml)

To use our Video with Virtual Training software, we need to:

- Create a folder "Video name"
- Create a sub-folder "Video"
- Rename the XML to "Track.xml" and copy it inside "Video name" folder 

You are now ready to ride!

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