Col d'Aubisque
Hourquette d'Ancizan
Col d'Aspin
Col d'Azet
Passo Cereda
Chianti Classic time trial stage
Dolomites (Autumn)
Dolomites (Summer)
Passo Duran
Tour Lombardia
Col du Soulor
Col de Marie-Blanque
Les Deux Alpes
Col de la Bonette
Passo del Vivione
Col du Galibier


In this tutorial we will try to provide answers to most common questions we are asked.



Our videocorse have been tested and found compatible with the following software and cyclo trainers:



Compatible Software:

My E-Training*




Elite Real

Virtual Trainer

Fortius Software

Tacx Trainer Software 1

Tacx Trainer Software 2

Tacx Trainer Software 3

Tacx Trainer Software 4

Tacx Video Player

Kettler KWT

Ergoplanet (including GPS data)


* for the app. Elite My E-Training, contact us before buying videos, in order to set up your system


Note: Our videocorse have been successfully tested up to version 4.21 of the Tacx Trainer Software (TTS). However, as is the case for all RLV produced by third parties, you can not use our RLV with the open connection in Google Earth.


To achieve accuracy, the equipment used to produce the video races is very expensive and sophisticated.
The use of barometric altimeters and the data comparation given from multiple GPS receivers, allows us to obtain highly accurate elevation profiles. We have written a challenging software to synchronize data with video telemetry path. It also always requires a manual laborious step by step correction to get a race that follows the contours of the road.
Compared with the first races we have significantly increased the quality of movies. 

Choose the video races to order

If you want to choose a videorace, visit our e-commerce ( Clicking on the video name, you will see a page with the details of the race.


The order can be paid through PayPal (auto redirect after the order submission). Other method accepted is the wire transfer.


If you choose the downloadable version, you will receive the links to download it in 24 hours by e-mail. The disc versions will be returned by regular mail, burn to DVD or Blu Ray disc. Free shipping is available to UE Contries.

For shipments to extra UE Countries, the additional cost is 5 Euros.

We avoids the application of labels on the DVD because there were errors reported in the subsequent copy.

When a order has been shipped you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

Will be provided a single file command for each race, specific to your trainer / software.

The command file of the race consists of one or more files that, after being loaded on the computer, allow the synchronization of the movie with the data of the path (distance, slope, .....).

Typical command files are:

         *.rxvp                 for Elite systems.

         *.rlv, *.pgmf        for Tacx systems using the Tacx Fortius software

         *.tts                    for Tacx systems using the Tacx Trainer Software

         *.epm, *.epp        for Daum systems using the Ergoplanet Software

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