Film of the race

Many movies made by BikeLab have a size that it can not be contained in a 4.7 GB DVD. In this case the videos are provided compressed and broken up onto multiple DVDs.

If you have a Blu Ray reader connected to computer, we can give you the videoraces burned in a Blu Ray Disk
Compression is done using WinRar with the multi-volume option.

The software is easily downloadable from the Internet, is free for a trial period.

You can also use an opensource free program called 7Zip

Getting Started

1 - Check the free space on your hard disk is to allow the writing of the movie. With 50 GB you will be ok.

Note: if the movie is supplied compressed (8 or 24 GB), the disk space required will be twice (space occupied by the space occupied by files compressed + video extract).

2 – Create a new folder where to copy movies or compressed files.
3 – Insert the DVD into your PC and copy the files to the new folder on your hard disk.
     Repeat for all DVDs.
     Note : All DVDs are tested before shipment.

4 – Extract the compressed movies
     Download from the Internet and install WinRar or 7Zip.
     Navigate to the folder you created earlier.
     Select all the parts, right click and select "Extract here..."


If the first file is an EXE, simply click on it and you will obtain a single Avi file.
Take a look the screenshots:

----- 1 -----

(RAR of downloadable version = 900MB, RAR of DVD version = 8GB)


----- 2 -----


----- 3 -----


----- 4 ----- 


You will get to the end, the final movie.

If you wish, delete the compressed files after making sure of the result.
Put the DVD in a safe place could serve in the future.

To avoid compatibility problems BikeLab decided not to use double layer DVD. It also prevents the application of labels on DVDs, you may have noticed that make the DVD unreadable in the subsequent use.

5 – Verification of the codec

Try opening one of the movies that you just copied (extension. Avi), with the video player that normally used (Windows Media Player, DivX Player, etc..).
If the screen remains black you have to update your video codec with the latest version of ffdshow or divx (I suggest K-Lite Mega Codec Pack).
Some suggested links to download the codec:

After you upgrade the codec on your computer, try again to open the movie. If the screen remains black, please contact us.

Look the video :


Using an external Hard Disk

BikeLab recommended to use an external hard drive with 250 GB capacity to store all your videorace.
Note: To accept files of this size the file system Hard Disk destination must be in NTFS format, if your disk's file system is FAT32 you must convert it to ExFAT or NTFS by following the instructions that are easily found on the Internet.

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