Bikelab is pleased to offer its loyal supporters this free utility that updates, with GPS and altitude data, the Activities TCX file of your training sessions on your Indoor Trainers.

The TCX files could be exported by software such as:

- Tacx Trainer Software

- Elite Real

- Elite My-E-Training.


The exported files do not contain information on the position and altitude: with our processing these data are added.

The new TCX file can be uploaded to Garmin Connect, Strava and other portals that support this format, and your training will be correctly represented with the relevant maps and altimeters.
The program only works with Bikelab races. If you bought the video earlier than the update date (see table), the processed file will be incorrect.

The updates of the videos are free if you have made at least one order in the previous 6 months, otherwise every update (available only in download version) has a fixed price of 7 euros.


You can edit any section of our videos you have created to optimize your workouts. Just enter the starting point.

With Tacx Trainer Software you can find the starting point in Simulation Mode or, as in Real or My-E-Training, leaving the right cursor at the end of the stroke and moving the left to the beginning of the section. In this case the starting point is located by subtracting the distance that appears from the total distance of the route. Important: the starting point must be entered in meters.
1 - you have the TCX of the exported activity
2 - your version is up to date.
3 - you have the starting point of the training (if you do not start from the start of the course)
you can proceed with the processing.
1 - Visit the processing web page (see below)
2 - Select the video, the Country filter will help you to identify it.
Note: we are proceeding to upload the necessary files and you may not find the route that interests you in the list. Send an email to to prioritize the upload.
3 - Enter the starting point of the activity in meters or leave a value of 0 if the activity starts from the beginning of the videocourse.
4 - Select the TCX file to be processed on your computer.
5 - Click on UPLOAD TCX FILE
At the bottom left of the screen, note the progress in file upload and processing (it could take 3-4 minutes).
6 - At the end of the processing the TCX file will be automatically downloaded on your PC recognizable by the modified file name with the addition of "_for_strava"
Your TCX file is now ready for upload to your favorite portal.

The utility works only with updated Bikelab videos that are in the catalog.
Only TCX Activities are processed.


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